Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am a girl who does not do well with change. I like everything to stay the same otherwise I feel like I'm growing up far too fast. So me leaving home and coming to college and having to start taking care or myself, living in a new town that I had never been to before, without my family, having to walk around a campus that I was unfamiliar with, and not to mention the fact that there is no Nordstrom....this was all really scary for me (minus the Nordstrom part). Needless to say I got a little change overload. I think that is why ever since I got here I have stayed in the same apartment in the same bedroom and attended the same ward. I did switch bathrooms after my first semester though....pretty drastic, I know! Over the past 4 semesters in this apartment I have accumulated so many wonderful memories in Apt. 132....

These are memories that I will cherish forever. But it is now time for me to start making new memories on the other side of campus and to make a fresh start. And honestly, I couldn't be more excited! I have lived in this apartment for approximately 450 days and only have 4 days left. So here is to making changes! 

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