Tuesday, February 14, 2012


(this obviously came off of pinterest...how embarrassing)

That's what Valentine's Day is all about, is it not? A lot of single people are haters of V-day...I am definitely not one of them. There are so many more people to love than just a boyfriend or husband. I may not have a man to snuggle with on this day, but I do have some best friends to talk with, laugh with, and sing man hate songs (don't judge...you know you've done it!!) at the top of my lungs with! And what did those best friends and I spend Valentine's Day doing you may ask? Went to watch this lovely man on the big screen along with about 98% of the Rexburg/Idaho Falls population...........

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without eating my body weight in chocolate from the two bags of candy from my mom's lovely V-day care package, or a pair of annual valentine sockies!

Even the Harps received a Valentine package from her awesome Nana!

And am I the only one who has missed elementary Valentine crafts (I made this when visiting my sister's second grade class...oh how I love children!)??

So here's to having a happy valentine's day whether you are single, married, or in the "it's complicated" phase!!
P.S. next I will be posting about my amazing 6-day weekend!

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