Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life According to My iPhone....

I adore hanging out with these lovely ladies!

Enjoying a warm summer evening in Utah. I know I said I need to be better about enjoying the moment, but I can't help but anticipate the beginning of my summer break! 

I got to celebrate this adorable girls b-day with her! Let's just say that I have never met a one year old as loved and adored as she is!

 This little guy ran past my feet on my walk home from class the other day. Too adorable!

I always love the beauty of a double rainbow. 

The most perfect view for after a run!

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  1. Your pictures and comments about Harper made me cry :) I am SOO grateful that she has such wonderful people in her life (like YOU) that love her to pieces and help make her life so great. She is so blessed and I am blessed to have such a loving and supportive family! THANK YOU for driving all the way to Utah just for her little b-day party. It meant the world to us!!!