Friday, June 29, 2012

An Idaho Work Party....

On Tuesday night I was invited to my friend’s work party (all of her colleagues brought their wives….so she brought me and I was honored to be her husband for the night!)! The evening was full of eating food, shooting guns, and 4-wheeling. What more could you need?? I mean work parties back home consist of things such as barbeques and boating…but these days I live in Idaho so I would expect nothing less then getting dirty and shooting stuff at a work party. Before moving to Idaho for college I had never shot a gun or even touched one for that matter and I had definitely never gone bunny hunting (which I was unaware existed) or made dry-ice bombs (turns out this is an illegal activity)! I've always considered myself more of a shopping and primping kind of girl...I guess living in Idaho changes people.

My first semester shooting a gun for the first time was fun :)

Bunny hunting for the first time (don't worry I would never kill a bunny myself, but the boys did and I just about cried..or maybe I did.)

The area we were in for the work party was actually quite beautiful (that says a lot coming from me) who knew Idaho actually had some pretty areas (no offense to you Idahoans)!? Here are some pics from the evening…you’re going to have to excuse my grunginess I mean I was going to a party full of married men I figured washing my hair and putting mascara on was optional. 

The perfect ending to a perfect night!

So here's to experiencing new and unexpected adventures!

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