Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home.....

Last week I got to take a trip HOME! I drove to Utah on Thursday morning and then flew to Portland with Courtney and Harper that night. It's sad how much I took for granted when I was living at home: endless amounts of family time, the home-cooked meals, Burgerville, Nordstrom, laundry being done for me (I have a reallyyyyy nice mommy), my adorable puppy, friends, green everywhere (I'm sorry but Idaho is quite a hideous place compared to Washington......if you ask me!), going to church in a church building, having a Target closer than 30 minutes away, the list could go on and on. So having the privilege to go home was quite a treat and I enjoyed every last second of it! Unfortunately it was not on my mind to take pictures while I was there.....but here are a few.

Harper is such a big girl now that she even had her own seat on the plane.....even if it only lasted like three seconds.

We got to go to my parents new house at Cannon Beach for the weekend and oh my is it heaven there! I have never stayed at the new house before and it is RIGHT on the beach....I fell asleep listening to the hUgE storm and when I opened my eyes in the morning the first thing that I saw was the ocean. Needless to was paradise!

I got to spend time with my puppy Trixy! She is the best dog everrr for me. She snuggles up on my lap always and I adore it. 

I desperately miss living at home and spending time with my family. I'm the only person in my family who does not have a member of the fam living in the same town....but fortunately Utah is only a mere 3.5 hours away. I can't wait to go home for Spring Break in just 5 weeks!! So here's to my family! :) 

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