Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blogger MIA.....

I guess I have been a little Blogger MIA for a while....but I think today is the perfect day to blog because it was definitely a day worth celebrating! Because it was this guys birthday....

When I woke up this morning I knew it was going to be a good day...sometimes you just know. Living in Rexburg where there is not a whole lot to do, you use any excuse to celebrate. Make fun of us if you want...but we've got the Bieber Fever over here. Today he turned the BIG 1-8!

(That's us holding up 18...sappy I know.)
We started the night eating Kiwi Loco...

(don't judge the excessive amount of goodies we piled on.....March 1st is kinda a big deal don't you know.)

Then we decided it would be appropriate to take pictures with our Justin Bieber wall....If you're confused by what this picture is you are obviously not a big enough JB fan, but the picture we are attempting to reenact is on the calendar to the right of the door.

(no your eyes are not tricking you....our couch is in our kitchen)

This is Marcy....she is the biggest JB fan out of all of us, clearly. 

We are currently finishing up the birthday extravaganza by watching Never Say Never....could life get any better??

The night may or may not have also included singing Happy Birthday to Justin Bieber, singing and dancing to his music in our living room, and other things that will not be announced. We may seem like freaks.....but if you aren't making yourself look like a fool, how much fun are you really having? So Happy Birthday to the Biebs.....we clearly love you. So here's to having the best day ever with my best friends and acting like a complete idiot (what you see here is not even the beginning of it....most is for our eyes only :)!
PS..I also bought my Hunger Games ticket for the midnight showing!! Countdown=22 days!

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  1. Hahahaha! Katie I just found your blog and this is cracking me up! It reminds me of things me and my roommates used do. I love it. Glad you're having so much fun :)